The Counter @

Grand Cru Hospitality provides Food Service options for businesses that want to provide freshly made food to the customers and employees that don't specialize in the food service industry.

Contact us to see how our catering service can lift your work space up to that of a first class restaurant or food counter.

The Counter @ provides food services to venues like The Portland Children's Museum, businesses like the global branding magnate Weiden + Kennedy in the Pearl District and award winning brewpubs such as Stormbreaker Brewing in Portland's historic Mississippi neighborhood.

Portland Children’s Museum

The Counter @ The Museum is a great place to stop and refuel while visiting all the creative and interactive exhibits at the Portland Children’s Museum.


The Counter @ Wieden+Kennedy is located within the walls of Portland’s most unique, innovative and downright weird advertising agencies in the world.  Our cafe provides full service breakfast and lunch to the employees and guests of Wieden+Kennedy.

*Not open to the public.  Must be an employee or guest of W+K.